Here is a sample of projects I’ve previously worked on.


PopFactor: Live-Streamer Behavior and Popularity

Robert Netzorg, Lauren Arnett, Augustin Chaintreau, Eugene Wu. ICWSM 2021
The Twitch streamer community has curated a set of behavioral norms for how new streamers can quickly grow their audience. We investigate which community-accepted behaviors are predictive of popularity growth over time.

Cross-platform Interactions and Popularity in the Live-streaming Community

Lauren Arnett, Robert Netzorg, Augustin Chaintreau, Eugene Wu. ACM CHI ‘19.
Does having a social media account matter for popularity on Twitch? Poster.

Predicting Eye Fixation Locations on ImageNet

Lauren Arnett, Chengzhi Mao (December 2019)
Predict eye fixation locations on a scene by using a Bayesian learning architecture that combines a learned prior distribution of saliency maps with a deep neural network.


Joseph Morag, Lauren Arnett, Nick Buonincontri, Elena Ariza (May 2018)
A statically typed, functional tensor representation language with shape-checking at compile-time.

Reverse Engineering the Slide Library

Collaboration with Columbia’s Media Center for Art History (2017-18) building Optical Character Recognition and halftone detection software toward digitization of Center collection of 35mm slides.